Being a dynamic customer-oriented company, Vert D offers its customers exemplary service.
You can call 24 hours a day and someone will answer your call.

Product information

All the products created by Vert D are designed with first quality materials with minimum
annual maintenance.
First of all, the structures of our furnitures are built of aluminum with a thickness of 1/8 inch
(3.175 mm) to ensure rock solidity and exceptional longevity.
The coverings of our furnitures are chosen according to their resistance to weathering, without
forgetting that they are all, without exception, chosen for their quality “Maintenance free”.


Each item ordered on the Vert D website will be delivered to the address of your choice as soon
as possible.
The delivery time is around 30 days from the date of your order. The delivery costs are added to
your order before making the payment.


All items designed by Vert D are simple to assemble. So you can, thanks to our assembly guides,
do the work yourself.
However, If you wish, Vert D will be happy to do the work for you. In order to take advantage of
this service, you must contact Vert D to make arrangements.


1 – Order, payment methods and order confirmation

To place an order with Vert D, two (2) options are available to you. The first option is through
our website. The second option is by calling the company phone number directly. However, by
opting for the telephone option, customers must have previously identified the desired items as
well as the associated product numbers.
The following payment methods are accepted: credit card, Interac transfer and cheque.
Once payment is made, an order confirmation number will be assigned to you. You can make a
change to your order by mentioning its number to a customer service person at Vert D.

2 – Down payments

For orders of $ 10,000 or more (sales taxes included), a 50% deposit must be paid to Vert D
before it is executed.
No order can be delivered without the total prior payment of the invoice.

3- Order cancellation

Our order cancellation policy is 5 business days. After this period, all costs incurred involving an
order must be paid to Vert D.

4- Return and refund policy

If a product purchased is defective, the customer must contact the Vert D customer service
department within 24 hours of delivery. Vert Dā€™s customer service department will decide
whether to exchange the product, have it repaired or reimburse the customer.
No return of goods will be accepted if it is damaged or soiled by the customer. For items made
to measure, no exchange or refund will be granted.

5- General conditions of sale

Charges of 2 % per month (24 % per year) will be added to any overdue account. If the client is
in default of payment and it is necessary to refer the account to a collection agency or to a
lawyer, the client will be required to pay the amount due, capital and interest, in addition to the
costs relating to the debt collection.

6- Use of the Internet

Vert D maintains this website ( for legitimate information and education purposes. By
using this website, you accept these conditions which are governed by the laws of the province
of Quebec and the applicable laws of Canada.

Use of this website is at your own risk. Neither Vert D nor any other party ( creation, production or delivery ) of this website is liable for direct, indirect, unforeseen, correlative or punitive damages resulting from access to or use of this site. Vert D is not responsible for damage caused by browsing the site or downloading elements, data, text, images or videos.
Vert D strives to ensure accurate and up-to-date site content. However, Vert D does not
guarantee that the information appearing on the site is free from errors, inaccuracies or
omissions. These errors may relate to the price, description, colors or availability of the
products. All images, texts and prices indicated on this site are based on the most recent
information at the time of being posted on Despite our vigilance, errors can occur.
Vert D is not responsible for photographic or typographical errors. Vert D reminds its customers
that despite the meticulous care taken with photos and drawings, these do not always offer
perfect similarity with real products, especially with regard to color nuances.
Vert D reserves the right to correct any error or to change the content of the site without notice.
In its sole discretion, in addition to all the other rights and remedies available to it, and without incurring any liability whatsoever, Vert D may, at any time and without notice, interrupt or restrict your access to any element of


The guarantees at Vert D live up to the quality of its products!
On any piece of painted furniture, Vert D warrants it for 5 years against flaking paint.
On the covering parts (composite, PVC and wood), Vert D guarantees 5 years against rotting or
crumbling of the material.
The warranty is limited to replacement (identical product or equivalent value) or repair of items that Vert D recognizes as defective.